Genoa Standard Iron Door

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Complete your forged iron door with accessories to suit your style. Contact us to find out about custom accessories, glass and finishes.

antique bronze finish
antique copper finish
Thumbturn/Key Deadbolt

antique copper finish
Oval Entry Handle
Round Entry Door Knob
note: double doors require both an active and a dummy set

rustic door pull
arched door pull
balltip door pull
Rustic Door Pull
Arched Door Pull
Balltip Door Pull

shield medallion
lion medallion
greek medallion
Shield Medallion
Lion Medallion
Greek Medallion
RMEDKW03 / 3"
RMEDSB03 / 3"
RMEDKW05 / 5"
RMEDLH05 / 5"
RMEDSB05 / 5"
RMEDKW07 / 7"
RMEDLH07 / 7"
RMEDSB07 / 7"

roman medallion
floral medallion
oval medallion
Roman Medallion
Floral Medallion
Oval Medallion
RMEDTR03 / 3"
RMEDRO05 / 3"
RMEDTR05 / 5"
RMEDRO05 / 5"
RMEDTR07 / 7"
RMEDRO07 / 7"
RMEDKW07 / 7"

antique bronze finish
antique copper finish
Antique Bronze Finish
Antique Copper Finish

Glass Notes:

  • Clear Low-E glass standard. Open (no glass) also available

  • Aquatex Low-E and Flemish Low-E glass are limited to a maximum dimension of 84”

  • Special order full lite doors over 8 feet tall available glass options: clear, clear Low-E or open (no glass) only

  • Special order 3/4 lite doors over 9 feet 6 inches tall available glass options: clear, clear Low-E or open (no glass) only

hammered glass
antique bronze finish
Aquatex Low-E Glass
(also called Hammered)
Flemish Low-E Glass
(also called Glacier)